Christmas Cakes

Yes, I know I only just told you to get creative for Halloween, but my new ‘cake dummy’ arrived, and I wanted to practice!

So, the story is: Last year I made some small 5″ round cakes for the Church Christmas fair. I didn’t sell one….not one 😧

However, my hubby took them into work, and not only did he sell them, he came home with orders for more! (And orders for mince pies and homemade fudge)

Anyway, they were decorated quite traditionally, which is fine btw, but after my regular Pinterest fix, I saw some more contemporary decoration, and I wanted to try some 😊

What do you think? I’ve got loads more to try, and some snowflake plunge cutters on order. Also, I used up some out of date fondant, so didn’t feel wasteful…win win

Ps: I will post some Halloween pics soon 😉

Debbie xPinterest Christmas Cake idea

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