Cakes, Bakes, and Me

Father in law’s birthday bash!

Yesterday evening we had a family get together for my lovely father in law who is now the grand old age of 84!

So, my kitchen was all about cottage pie and veg for 9, strawberry cheesecake, raspberry trifle, and birthday cake.

We had a great night together, eating, playing ‘steal the parcel, doing quizzes, laughing a lot! Fantastic family time in other words.

Pictures of cake (and cupcakes from spare batter, and yes I know my piping skills need work!)

Now, about the cake….F.I.L being a lifelong Burnley FC fan, the intention was to make a claret and blue cake…..epic fail! I thought I could add my Super Dooper Wilton gel colour to white fondant to get the claret colour, well, as you can see, it didn’t work out too well! I gave up when my hands started aching from all the kneading! Still a pretty cake though I think?

The random pics of misshapen strawberries are there just because they’re funny…..I think they look like Elmo and Hello Kitty…..or Batman?

See you next time

Debz x

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