Cakes, Bakes, and Me

Busy Day!

Hi, you may think, when you hear what I’ve managed today, “What does she mean ‘busy day’?” Well, for me it is. Especially this week which didn’t start well. I have chronic pain, neuropathy and nerve damage. I’ve learned to live with it, but everything is an achievement. Sometimes motivating myself is a struggle. But I love my family, my baking, and my involvement with Panto and Theatre. And whenever I spend time  with my loved ones, or baking, or  theatreing (ok I know that’s not a word) it makes me feel good, (and useful) and feel good endorphins also help with pain as a bonus!

So, today I made apple crumble with some lovely donated apples with pretty pink flesh. I practised some Halloween cupcakes, and some Christmas cake designs too. And I feel pretty darned pleased with myself! Like I said “Busy Day”

See you next time, Debbie 😃💖


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