Cakes, Bakes, and Me

After the weekend

Hi everyone!

Well I basically lazed about all Saturday, but by yesterday I was getting itchy fingers again!

I wanted to bake something, but wasn’t sure what, so I asked hubby what he would like (apart from Yorkshire pudding for his roast beef dinner, that was a given πŸ˜‰)

Result? Fruit scones, and biscuits! (Cookies if you’re outside UK)

I used Mary Berry’s recipe for the scones (Yum!) I started out using my cookie cutters, as you can see on the front few on the pic, but when I got to the last few I was worried about over rolling the dough so shaped them by hand. Those last ones were monsters! Needless to say, hubby went for one of those first!

He didn’t specify what sort of biscuits, so I went for one of my favourites, Anzac biscuits. I love the slightly crisp, slightly soft texture, and the lovely coconut flavour 😜

Also you don’t need to worry about the shape.. A dessertspoonful of mixture, dollop on the baking tray, and bung them in the oven!

In the evening I indulged in ‘my other passion’ and went to a Panto rehearsal. Wow! Our kids are amazing, so enthusiastic and energetic, they make me tired just watching them! Principles are great too, some lovely sounds coming from the musical numbers. All in all, a great day 😁

Today I’ve been for a preoperative assessment to have a cataract removed. Very pleased to hear I shouldn’t be waiting more than a few weeks for that, it’s driving me nutty! Then Panto again with the kids, brilliant!

Tomorrow, I’m going to make a start on my Christmas Cakes, no waiting for stir up Sunday for me, and if my purple and dark blue fondant arrives, I might practice a few more designs while I’m ‘in the zone’. Have learned from the other weekend (when I did too much all in one day), and am now pacing myself…do a bit…rest a bit, sit a bit…stand a bit. Well that’s the plan anyway!

See you soon,

Debbie x


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