Cakes, Bakes, and Me

First Attempt!

Ok, so a little later than promised, but yesterday I had a go at making a gumpaste ‘head’. I concentrated on the basics…shape, eyes, nose, mouth, ears. It was more difficult than I thought. I couldn’t get the paste completely smooth, a few creases were stubbornly refusing to go. Maybe I added a little too much tylose? Anyway, I carried on as it’s only for practice! I couldn’t resist trying to curl the lip slightly, Elvis style, but it’s not that effective! But I’m ok with it as a first attempt 😊

The second picture is kind of what I’m hoping to achieve, so I’m not concerned too much with the eyes as they’ll be covered by ‘shades’. Mine needs to be a standing topper though. Lucky for me, his trademark white suit has flared legs, which I’m relying on for stability..that and lollipop sticks!

To be continued…

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie 💜

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