Cakes, Bakes, and Me

Busy little bee

After a hectic (but fun) weekend, I am still living up to my name, which apparently means ‘busy bee’! Who decides what different names mean anyway? I digress…so yesterday I made the first 2 of 6 cakes for the ‘Elvis’ themed creation I’m making for Saturday. (Elvis himself is in several pieces as yet). The gentleman I’m making it for doesn’t know about it, so I hope he likes the finished article 😃 He doesn’t have a favourite colour, so I googled Elvis and apparently he loved purple and white, so that’s what I’m doing. With lots of bling of course!

In other news.. I was given some apples at the weekend, so it seemed like it was time to make some Christmas Chutney. Apart from the apples, it also contains clementines, dates and cranberries. I can still smell the aroma in the kitchen from yesterday. Hope it tastes as good as it smells 😋 Pics below of the 2 cakes (Madeira) and Chutney in the pan before I reduced it down. Most of it is destined for the Christmas fair on the 10th, (with Santa Sacks’, Christmas Cake, fudge etc) and some for hampers for ‘The Mothers’. Not very exciting, but I want to chart my progress by posting pics every day. I’m going to be ruthless and let you all see any ‘cake fails’ too!


That’s it for now

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤


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