Cakes, Bakes, and Me

Elvis has left the building!

Phew, after a busy couple of days, the ‘Elvis’ cake was collected yesterday afternoon for a 60th birthday celebration taking place tonight. I haven’t had any phone call asking for any repairs so can only assume it got there in one piece. I was a bit nervous when the customer wanted to collect it herself. I would rather have delivered it and set it up myself, just to make sure it was ok!

As the customer arrived early I almost forgot to take a picture too, so had to rush out to her car before she left! Well a fast as you can on crutches anyway 😮 So apologies for the rather naff photo. The cake looks tiny, but actually measured  24″ x 20″! The bottom tier was vanilla with white chocolate ganache and white fondant, and the top tier was chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and purple fondant (purple and white being Elvis’s favourite colours according to google!) It was trimmed with silver ‘bling’ and the ‘white’ looking stars are actually painted silver, as is the black guitar. Elvis white suit also has silver ‘sequins’ painted on, and the whole thing was shimmer sprayed to finish it off. It was packed on a clean towel rolled at either side to stop it moving!


So that’s done, time to concentrate on Christmas orders, and a Christmas Fair on Saturday 10th. I foresee a lot of fudge, cake and Chutney making this week, amongst other things like hot chocolate gifts, jam, and Santa sacks ! All good fun and keeps me out of mischief. Speaking of fun, the hubs and I have just spent a great evening with the Panto crew on our Christmas ‘do’. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but left the younger and fitter members  going mad on the dance floor at 11pm. It was a great night, but I’m very much a lightweight nowadays lol. Tomorrow will be a rest day, I don’t even have to cook as we’ve been invited to our son and daughter in law’s for a meal. Happy days 😃

Well folks, that’s it for now,

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤

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