Cakes, Bakes, and Me

Two down, Six to go!

Hello All,

The title of this post refers to ‘My other passion’ The Panto Society I’m Chairman of. Well, we’ve done two performances of ‘Aladdin’ now, and both have been fantastic. A sell out last night, last time I checked there were only 3 single tickets left for today’s matinee, and tonight is pretty full too 😊

In amongst Panto madness, I made a Harry Potter themed cake for an 18th birthday. The ‘background’ was the marauders map, and I must say it felt very strange making fondant icing look scruffy! I’m usually obsessing over getting it neat and tidy. The customer liked it, and I was quite pleased, but on reflection I wish I’d been brave enough to write directly on the cake. I did it on wafer paper instead, and it shows in the photos. On the plus side, in reality it blended in better than it looks on the pics. So handwriting with edible ink on the practice list methinks 😋

I also used a new vanilla cake recipe and I’ve just had feedback from the customer who said it was ‘lovely’ Phew! It’s all very well getting it to look right, but the proof is in the tasting!

Pics below, apologies for the quality, think photography should be on that practice list too!

Right, I’m off to get ready for today’s matinee performance!

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤


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