Cakes, Bakes, and Me

Red is the colour

First, apologies for the delay in posting. My sleep pattern has gone to pieces this last week, and I’ve found myself up in the night (when I can’t bake as I’d wake up hubby!) and sleeping during the day, which means I can’t sleep again at night! I’m slowly trying to rectify this and thought I’d just stop by to say hi 😊

So…Red? Well I’m currently attempting to research ‘Red Velvet Cake’ for the top of a three layer Ruby Wedding/60th birthday cake. I need one that’s sturdy enough to hold fondant, but still retain the features of a classic ‘Red Velvet’. But I’m beginning to think there’s no such thing! There are hundreds of recipes out there and they’re all different. Some use egg whites, some whole eggs, some use vinegar, some don’t, some have a high sugar/flour ratio, some use beetroot, some use A LOT of food colouring…….You see what I mean? Any tips would be gratefully received 😁

I’ve also got my Β ‘Red Nose Day’ fundraising pack through the post today, and of course I’ve opted for the bake sale pack 😍 I’m very lucky in that Greenbrook Methodist Church, my Pantomime and Theatre Group ‘home’, very kindly let me use their Community Room, and of course I have my lovely friends to help me. I’ve set up a giving page this year too, so that anyone who can’t make it can still donate. The link to that is below πŸ˜‹

I’ll be back soon with some new bakes….Expect a lot of red!

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❀

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