Cakes, Bakes, and Me

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day was lovely but busy (hence the lateness of this post)

First of all I didn’t wake up till 8.50am, a minor miracle in itself, then I finished off Glen’s goodies pictured below. There should have been his favourite raspberry trifle too, but having made the trifle sponge jelly (with red velvet cake scraps of course) adding raspberries and custard, I then realised I didn’t have any cream to finish it off 😮 DOH! But we had a lovely meal and chilled out in front of a movie. Consequently, today I’ve been very tired, so I STILL haven’t tackled the petit fours! I did manage to produce an extra bonus for Glen by finishing off the trifle though 😍

I think I will have to wait till we’ve finished eating, cake, trifle and chocolates before I bake anything else. The trouble is, if I make it, it has to be eaten, and I can’t resist! 😊 I can’t help it, I love cake! So, day off tomorrow (baking at least) then my niece’s birthday cake on Friday. I’m still planning it in my head. I want to use the opportunity to incorporate a few different techniques, but still be her birthday cake if you know what I mean? I wonder how she feels about unicorns? All will be revealed on Friday 😘

Until then, stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤

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