Cakes, Bakes, and Me

Kevin the Carrot!

I finished the ‘Kevin the Carrot cake’ and it’s safely on it’s way ready for 9 year old Katie’s birthday today. Now I thought it was a fairly easy challenge, but it transpires that carrot cake manages to be both moist and crumbly at the same time. How is that even possible? On top of that I had one of those ‘fondant behaving badly’ days. Elephant skin? More like flippin’ rhinoceros! Despite deploying all the recommended tricks…Spritzing with water… Giving it a ‘Trex massage’ it refused to cooperate πŸ˜• Luckily Katie’s Mum was still pleased with the result πŸ™†


For an added bit of fun for Katie, I had a play with the photo director app. Thought she might like it, so I emailed it to her Mum 😊


Another day, another cake tomorrow!

Till then,

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❀

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