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Stewed Apple injury

After my busy Saturday, I knew I’d be fit for nothing on Sunday, so decided that apart from resting, the only thing I would do was make my neglected hubby his favourite pud, Apple crumble. All went to plan, I slept all morning and after lunch, prepared the apples, and used the food processor to make the crumble topping. Into the oven it went, all good so far 😊 I took it out, decided it needed a bit longer and put it back in. Ten minutes later, I went to take it out again. That’s when it all went wrong 😖 Now, I have to confess, I’ve always been somewhat clumsy, but unfortunately for me, my medical condition affects the grip in my hands. I’m aware of it, and so I’m usually extra careful. I know what I can and can’t attempt to lift or carry, but it was only a small dish! However, sometimes my grip just goes, not too often thankfully, but this was one of those days! So, back to the crumble. One minute I’m holding it and the next it’s on the kitchen floor 😵 with hot Apple splattered everywhere, including me. By a stroke of luck, the dish landed the right way up and didn’t break (good old Pyrex) and most of the apple ended up on one cabinet door and my clothes. But some of it landed on my leg…..Ouch!

Fotor_148996466090844Despite applying cold cloths, I have a blister today, but thankfully the redness and soreness is almost gone…..So be warned….Hot stewed apple is dangerous……Well it is if you drop it 😜

I shall take my own advice and

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤

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