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How to tackle being a baker with long hair!

One of the many cake channels I follow on YouTube has recently run a series including finding hair in food. (Wicked Goodies, link below) I always tie my long hair back when I’m baking, but it got me thinking ‘is that enough?’ So I thought I’d better go one further and look into having my hair completely covered, as I would if I was in a bakery for example. I intended looking online but wasn’t sure of the appropriate search term. Catering hat? Bakery hairnet?😁  Anyway, while I was out shopping (a rare occurrence in itself) I ‘spotted’ just the thing! In the bathcare aisle in home bargains, a mere 99p, and in my favourite colour no less. Have you guessed yet? It’s a good old fashioned shower cap! It should do the job perfectly (but I may have to pull the kitchen blinds down 😉) Here it is in all its glory being very fetchingly modelled by the food processor. Followed by the link to Wicked Goodies. Make sure you’re sitting down before looking though…. I don’t want to be responsible for any laughter related injuries!


Stay safe and healthy (and hygienic)

Debbie ❤

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