Cakes, Bakes, and Me

Mother’s day panic!

So Mother’s Day coincided with the clocks going forward, and guess who got caught out? Yep, me 😩 I thought I was all organised, had my mum and mother and father in law, and son and daughter in law coming for tea. It was also my in law’s wedding anniversary, so two cakes of course! I’d baked and crumb coated them on Saturday, made some modelling chocolate, and thought I had plenty of time to finish them off on Sunday. Everyone was arriving at 4pm…No problem! Then I had a bad night 😡 got up at 3am, fell asleep again around 6ish, and slept till mid morning. Still I thought if hubby sets up the table and made sure the house was clean and tidy, I could still be finished in time. But I forgot to change the time on my watch….doh! It’s not as if I didn’t know about the time change, I’d noted that my tablet and phone had automatically adjusted….But I was in the kitchen where the microwave, and oven hadn’t! So it gets to 2.50pm (or so I thought) and I’m still making fondant flowers, when hubby says ‘are you going to be much longer? People will be here soon’ Me: ‘What? No I have another hour!’ Any way to cut a long story short, panic ensued, I quickly put the 2 chickens in the oven, stuck the fondant flowers on the mother’s day cake (no time to thin the petals) attached the second set of bunny ears to the ‘Hoppy Anniversary’ cake (first ones had gone sticky overnight, second ones were waaaay too big!) No time to photograph the cakes, just had time to hide them in the spare bedroom before our guests arrived…Phew! It was 7pm before we ate, but I have a fantastic family who all helped to put the meal together. My son had made dessert, a first for him, and it was absolutely delicious, a mint chocolate Aero cheesecake. He was justifiably proud of himself 😁 The cakes didn’t come out until just before our guests were leaving (we were all full of cheesecake) so I quickly snapped some photos, but they’re not very good under artificial lights πŸ˜–

The day before, it was Greenbrook Methodist Church monthly coffee morning and the Theatre Group was hosting. I’d made a bunny cake by way of practice (better ears!) and a few other things. The table was groaning with lots of goodies from our other bakers, but I didn’t have time to take photos until near the end. I had to bring home a slice of parsnip and ginger cake made by our lighting lady Sue, (it was soooo delicious) and what was left of my ‘raspberry ripple’ cake for hubby, but considering the amount of temptation on that table, I think I showed great restraint! 😜

The Bunny was bought in it’s entirety in the end, which was good as I thought I was going to be bringing it back home! No one wanted to cut into it! 😊 If I make it to sell for Easter, I’ll make it taller but I was quite pleased with my practice runs. Mum and Dad in law had ended up with the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ cake last week, so I deliberately made the ‘Hoppy Anniversary’ cake small as they were still getting through that 😜

Well it’s Tuesday now, I slept most of yesterday, and apart from attending a quick Theatre Group meeting in the evening, I did absolutely nothing! Recovering from a busy weekend again! This next weekend is also going to be busy. The Aladdin Panto film night on Friday, when we all get to see ourselves in action, then birthday celebrations with family on Saturday. Expect more cake pictures 😝🍰❀!!

Till then,

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❀

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