Cakes, Bakes, and Me

I had good intentions….honest


Earlier I posted that I had slept quite well, and had every intention of baking. Well guess what? I pretty much slept all day too! Think I must have been playing catch up 😏  So no baking happened unfortunately, or fortunately as it happens. Confused? Here’s why. I intended doing some pre baking, and freezing the cakes for decoration next week, but after checking my emails found I didn’t need to anyway 😖

Instead, I’ve spent a few hours revisiting an excellent tutorial by Rachel Hill on the Pretty Witty Cakes website. Not having much ‘disposable income’ I’m just subscribed as a free member, but there are some really good free tutorials on there. The one I’ve been watching again takes a beginner through making a two tier cake, including applying a crumb coat, fondant, covering a board, making flowers, applying ribbon….The whole thing. Rachel talks you through everything, and it’s an excellent resource. It’s broken down into 10 lessons too, so not too daunting either. Plus, even though I’ve crumb coated and applied fondant to a fair few cakes, there are still hints and tips I’d completely forgotten about from my first viewing (and which could have saved me a lot of frustration!)

I highly recommend signing up, a free tutorial comes out every Friday, and if like me, you can’t commit to a paid membership, you can buy individual tutorials if you see one you really like ❤

The link to Rachel’s ‘Simple big cakes for beginners’ is below

Have fun!

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤

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