Cakes, Bakes, and Me

Cake? I see no cake!

I can hardly believe it myself, but yet another day has gone by without me baking a cake 😮 I know! Madness isn’t it? I’ve managed to doze off again today, I really must be playing catch up from last week I think.

Being dozy (literally) I also forgot to take any food out of the freezer, so having eggs aplenty, I set about making a quiche, I mean it is baking, just not cake, right?

Update: I fell asleep again in the middle of writing this! I’m thinking of checking for gas leaks now!

Anyway, back to my baking, here are some pics of the quiche and a random apple crumble 😝

Oh…And I almost forgot! My ‘stylish and traditional’ catering hat arrived yesterday 😁 I think stylish and traditional may be pushing it a bit…..More basic and functional if you ask me. Still, that’s ok, because that’s all I need it to be 😍

My fancy shower cap can now actually be used as …..,.A shower cap!

How would you describe it?


That settles it, I have to bake now I have the hat!

Keep you posted

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤

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