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How to make your own molds

It’s amazing how resourceful cake artists can be! Silicone molds can be bought in all shapes and sizes, and prices can vary enormously. If you order on eBay as I do, and you’re willing to wait for delivery from China, they’re quite cheap. Unfortunately in some cases, that extends to the quality too. Order from reputable sources and the quality is better, but prices can be high. So when I came across this YouTube video from Verusca Walker, I was intrigued. It seems you can make your own from ingredients most people already have in the house 🙆 I fully intend to try this, but in the meantime take a look for yourselves. You don’t need to be a cake decorator to appreciate this either. If you’re a crafter, the possibilities are endless. Verusca’s method is food safe, but YouTube has plenty of similar tutorials if this isn’t a necessity for you 😊


As always, stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤

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