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Fondant behaving badly!

Hello again, much excitement this week πŸ™Œ as I’ve been asked to make a wedding cake 😍 Granted it’s not a multi tiered extravaganza, but it’s still exciting to me!

The lady in question is a friend of my niece Amy (she was the recipient of my first ever unicorn cake on her birthday in February) and she recommended me. I shan’t go into detail, but as soon as it’s been collected, and with the lady’s permission, I’ll post a picture 😊

The title of this post refers to my attempts at fondant flowers this week. Now I’m very grateful for the warm sunny weather we’ve been enjoying recently, but it’s playing havoc with my fondant which keeps cracking as it dries out too quickly! I’ve tried rehydrating, smoothing it with Trex, kneading it to death, microwaving for a few seconds. Everything I can think of. In the end I’d subjected it to so many ‘treatments’ I had to throw it away. I’ll start afresh today and add some Tylose. Fingers crossed, that will work. If it does, I’ll post pics later πŸ˜‹

In other news, I’m proud to say I’ve successfully taken a Food Safety level 2 (catering) course. Technically, I’m not a ‘business’ as I only bake as a hobby and occasionally for friends, family and foafs, and only cover my costs, but I feel better for having done it. I learned quite a lot actually. A lot of it was common sense, but there were some practices I wasn’t aware of, and shall now be implementing. The course was online and consisted of 7 modules. There was a quiz at the end of each module, which you had to pass before continuing, then a final exam at the end. There are several different ones on line. I plumped for Food Safety UK’s version as it is CPD accredited, and EHO recognised if I should need it in the future. Well you never know! I thought it would stand me in good stead when I bake for charity events too. Follow the link below for more info if you’re interested 😊

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❀

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