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Health, cakes and other business!

Well my loves

As you can probably guess from my lack of postings, it’s been a bit of a busy time!

Health-wise, there’s been good news and bad. Bad in that I reluctantly made the decision to step down as Chairman of the Theatre Group, due to stress related issues. Greenbrook Methodist Church Operatic Society, as it was formerly named, was my introduction to amateur musical theatre many moons ago and I’ve been in love with all things involving performance ever since ❀ I still hope to stay as involved as I can, but unfortunately my days of dancing about in a stage are very much over due to my mobility issues. Concerts are another matter…. I can still sing sitting down lol πŸ˜‹, and of course there are other areas I can still be helpful hopefully.

On the other hand, I had an appointment with my neurosurgeon last week and the spinal cord stimulator team adjusted my program. I’m now on HD! What that means is that it can potentially deliver more pain relief, without the tingling sensation that currently runs through my lower body. The downside is that I need to recharge my battery everyday (situated under my skin at the top of my right leg). At the moment I charge up weekly, but if it works, it’s a small price to pay 😊 It’s been running for 5 days now and in certain positions it seems to work well…in others…not so much, so more tweaking will probably be needed, but hopefully that can be sorted soon 😊

Pantomime rehearsals start soon, and we’ve been having workshops for potential cast members. The chorus is all cast, and Auditions for Principles took place today. After playing ‘Wei Ling’ in Aladdin last year (with the aid of a staff instead of my crutches, and well placed seating!) I hadn’t imagined that there would be anything for me in this year’s Production. There was only one female character who didn’t have to dance/move a lot, and having looked through the script to confirm this, I thought….Sod it! They can only say no! I filled out my form including that I have mobility issues, I auditioned with my stick….. and I got it! Maybe last year’s staff can be this year’s sceptre, as I will be playing Queen Penelope. I feel very lucky that the audition panel could see past my disability, and give me a chance to carry on doing something I love for a little while longer. If any of them are reading this..thank you so much ❀

So…..on to cake! (The blog is called Buns ‘n’ Roses after all 😊) I’ve been practising some new techniques, I made macarons for the first time, and they turned out well. I made a sweet treat of an engagement cake for a friend, and another friend has asked me to make her golden wedding cake 😍 Β I’ve also got my mum’s birthday this month, so plenty of excuses to get the kitchen gadgets out! It’s also my wedding anniversary today, and I have a half finished cake in the fridge as we speak, although hubby is currently full of apple crumble (home made of course, from donated apples from my neighbour and my Mum) Happy anniversary sweetheart ❀

Here’s a pic of the engagement cake ❀πŸ₯❀


Here’s to a sweet life together, Congratulations to you both 😍

Well, that’s it from me, time for a cosy evening with hubby

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❀

6 thoughts on “Health, cakes and other business!”

    1. Queen Penelope I’ll have you know! Penny for short. Married to King Tenpence. Expect a lot of shouting a la Hyacinth Bouquet “Tenpee!!!!” I love playing bossy lol

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      1. It’s a bit weird, as I’m ‘playing’ Prince William’s mother, played by James, and I haven’t spoken to him like that since he was a teenager!

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    1. Still involved, just not chairman of the theatre group. Still chair of Panto Society though. In fact ‘I’m Queen’ (said Miranda Richardson style) 😁

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