Cakes, Bakes, and Me

‘Who’s’ Birthday?

Oh go on then, I’ll tell you 😊

Last Saturday a very special birthday was celebrated Dr Who style. The gentleman in question was reaching the grand old age of 30 (I feel so old!)

James Seymour is actually a friend of my children, James and Katie, who has also become a friend to me through them, and a shared love of all things amdram. In fact I’ve played his mother a couple of times in the past! Anyway, he’s an all round brilliant young man (who really should be snapped up toot sweet…hint hint girls) so when he said he was having a Dr Who themed party, I thought ooh, a second chance to make a TARDIS cake!

This monster was 7″ square and 9 layers of chocolate cake, with 2 smaller cake pop dough layers on top. I stuck a dowel down the centre and filled and covered it in ganache for further stability. To get the blue colour, I made modelling chocolate using magic colour food colouring, then coloured some fondant blue and mixed the two together (25% modelling chocolate/75% fondant) This makes a sturdier medium for panelling a cake. It still wasn’t blue enough though, so I mixed some blue and black gel food colour together with some vodka to make a paint, and went over the whole thing with a brush! I cheated with the decals, they were paper stuck on to fondant. I premade the cakes over the last few weeks and froze them, but once I took them out of the freezer, it took me about four days because I had to keep stopping for rests. (I reckon a fully fit person could definitely do it in a day or two)

And here’s the result 😊

Happy birthday James!

And the rest of you?

Well, you just stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤

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