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Children in need

Hi everyone,

This Sunday is our first afternoon rehearsal for ‘Cinderella’. It’s at this point that the chorus and the principles all start working together. As it also happens to be ‘Children in Need’ this Friday, we will be taking the opportunity to raise a few pennies too.

Last year I made a rather unconvincing ‘Pudsey’ cake 😏 so this time, instead of rushing in without planning properly, I’ve made myself a template from a Pudsey colouring book page.

He’s baked, carved and chilling out in the freezer until nearer Sunday, when I’ll decorate him (also using the template) I chose a simple picture, so fingers crossed!

Looking even further ahead to Christmas, I have a wish list of items I would really like. Top of the list is the Cake Frame Starter kit by Dawn Butler. I’ve been eyeing this up for some time now, and I’ve shared my wish list with my family, but just in case……… Santa, if you’re reading this, I’ve been very good, so if you could just follow the link, I’d be very grateful 🎅

Seriously though, this item looks so easy to use, and I do think it will be well used. I’ve always shied away from making cakes that need serious internal structure, as when I’ve watched tutorials it seems like you need hot glue guns, plastic plumbing parts, nuts and bolts and even power tools! And then you have to make it food safe too! None of which I am able to put together with my painful hands 😥

If you are in a similar situation, or just want to make life easier for yourself, take a look!

Updates on Pudsey will be coming up later in the week

Until then

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤

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