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Paper Cup Christmas Cakes

Hi all

I was browsing Pinterest today (as you do) and came across this pretty nifty pin from which gives instructions on how to bake mini Christmas Cake in a paper cup, and gift wrap in cellophane. I’m thinking it’s a great idea for a Christmas fair at Greenbrook Church shortly.

I already have Christmassy paper cups as I also use them to package my home made fudge. Now I’m wondering if I could bake mini Panettone in a paper cup? Now there’s a thought. Back to Pinterest for more research methinks 😊

Anyhoo, in my last post I said I was going to make mincemeat. That hasn’t happened because guess what? I used up all my cinnamon and forgot to reorder it πŸ˜– So it will have to wait until hubby goes out and gets some for me. Then I can have a Christmas cake and mincemeat day! Ah, I can almost smell all those festive spices and fruit already.

I also said I would tell you about a pumpkin! Well, yesterday my kitchen smelled of pumpkin, lemon and ginger whilst I was making jam…..yes jam! All this came about when I was given a large pumpkin by a lady at Church. Now, I’m the first to admit that I’ve never made anything out of pumpkin except a ‘Jack o lantern’ when the kids were young, but my daughter in law had recently made pumpkin cupcakes, so I looked up a recipe and made some of those, but I still had about 2kg of pumpkin flesh left! So I looked a bit more and found this recipe for pumpkin jam from All Recipes. It is absolutely delicious! It looks golden and kind of translucent, and the taste is heavenly. There’s a few pictures below, but as you can see I haven’t labelled them yet, or put any sort of frosting on the cupcakes for that matter πŸ˜” Another job for tomorrow 😊

Ah, manyana…….

See you again soon

Take care, and stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❀

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