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Who doesn’t love a Teddy Bear ❤

My first ever Teddy Bear Cake!

So pleased with how this turned out as it was for my daughter’s friend Naomi and her husband Andy, who are expecting their first child.

As you may guess from the picture, they know they’re having a little boy 😊

Today was baby shower day, and I was finishing him off at 7am this morning, a day later than planned as my grocery order was also a day late because of the snow!

Unfortunately, my daughter Katie couldn’t make it, partly because of train cancellations, but also because she has an awful cough and cold virus 😰 Poor Naomi was also suffering. Get well soon girls.

Anyway, I have one more cake to finish for tomorrow, so this post is short and sweet.

Until next time

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤

About The Cake:

Lemon Madeira baked in 2×6″ round and one 6″ sphere pan.

Mascarpone cream cheese and lemon curd filling (note to self: I’m never using ordinary soft cheese again!) Added white chocolate ganache to the frosting for the crumb coat and final coat for stability, plus internal structure (bubble tea straws)

Ted’s arms and legs were made by mixing offcuts with frosting to make a cake pop dough which I then shaped and attached with melted white chocolate. Texture was applied by dragging a cocktail stick through the final coat.

Mouth, ears and blue bow made from fondant…et voila!

Products used:

Renshaws Premium Coverpaste

Wilton Royal blue gel colour

Silver Spoon Icing Sugar

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