Cakes, Bakes, and Me

‘The’ Birthday Cake!

It’s a whippet! It was my first time using the Dawn Butler Cake frame kit, and my airbrush of course 😊

I took my inspiration from our furbaby Charlie (which is why there’s the distinctive mark on the nose)

I really had fun making this. The Cake Frame provided the stability, and I absolutely loved using the airbrush!

So, the first step was to bake the cake of course. I found an oil based vanilla cake recipe that said it was good for carving, which you can find here:

I made 3 layers of a 5″ round cake and 2 of a 6″ round.

I stacked the larger cakes on the base of the Cake Frame, then attached the smaller plate in the kit before adding the smaller ones. I then carved the ‘neck’ into shape

The head was made from Rice Krispie Treats covered in ganache which I covered with cling film and smoothed out the best I could.

I then attached it to the central core of the Cake Frame.

After that I crumb coated the cake part with a 50:50 mix of buttercream and ganache

After leaving it to set I set about applying white modelling chocolate (hubby doesn’t like fondant) I made this myself using this tutorial:

The beauty of using modelling chocolate is the ‘seams’ are really easy to smooth out using the heat of your hands 😊

I made his cute petal ears from the modelling chocolate too, and just used some paper towel to hold them in place until they set up. The fur marks were made just using a fork and scratching the surface of the chocolate…..and then it was airbrush time!

For my first attempt, I am quite pleased, but soon realised that I need more than the 3 primary colours that came in the kit, as I couldn’t get the pale fawn colour of Charlie’s real coat as shown below:

Isn’t he handsome? ❤

Anyway, another week, another two cakes to do!

Watch this space 😊

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤

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