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Excuse me? I couldn’t help noticing that strange and interesting plant!

Hi everyone,

Last week, I went to watch my friend Darren who was playing Mr Mushnik in an amateur production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. As he had also played the part for Greenbrook Theatre Group (of which I am a member), I shared The Bake King’s fabulous YouTube video, where he makes an amazingly realistic cake version of ‘Audrey 2’

If you’ve never watched the ‘Bake King’ in action, you really must, he’s awesome! I’ll leave a link to his video below. You can also find him in some episodes of ‘Extreme Cake Makers’ on channel 4 😊

Anyway, Darren asked me if I would make a cake for the cast end of show party, and I decided to have a go at a more cartoonish version of ‘Audrey 2’, using the YouTube video as inspiration.

I have to say that I’m really pleased (shocked?) with how well it turned out 😱, especially as it’s only the second time I’ve used an airbrush.

See my previous post ‘The Birthday Cake’ for my first attempt!


Bottom tier – 8″ round vanilla sponge, filled with raspberry flavoured buttercream* I added some white chocolate ganache to the buttercream for the crumb coat.

Middle tier – 5″ round chocolate sponge filled with whipped ganache, chilled, then carved into a plant pot shape. Crumb coated with ganache.

Top tier – This was made from RKT and lightly coated with ganache. I made holes for 2 lollipop sticks, then chilled it. I repeated this process 3 times, applying and smoothing the ganache with my hands – wearing food safe gloves I might add!


Using a cookie cutter the same size as the bottom of the plant pot cake, I cut a shallow hole out of the bottom cake, inserted straws to act as support, and applied buttercream to the exposed cake.

I wrapped the plant pot in some orange fondant with a little brown food colouring added, then placed it in the hole I made. I then added a thicker strip of fondant to the top of the pot.

I cut strips of white fondant, covered the bottom cake and airbrushed it green, in a deliberately ‘patchy’ effect.

I rolled some fondant into thin rounded strips and applied them to the RKT shape to create ridges on the top, then covered Audrey’s ‘head’ loosely with green fondant, pressing gently into the mouth area and over the ridges. I then placed this on to the plant pot securing with the lollipop sticks, and added lips made from red fondant.

I added some CMC to the remaining green fondant, and made a variety of leaves, the smaller ones with plunger cutters, and freehanded the larger ones. These were applied to the bottom tier, and the plant pot around Audrey’s ‘head’

Lastly, I added some little orange spots to the top of the head, and airbrushed it to accentuate the ridges and add some shading.

And that was it! I had so much fun making this cake, and for once I got my schedule right, so that I wasn’t doing too much all at once (which usually leaves me wiped out for days!) I planned this cake very carefully, even down to setting alarms on my phone to tell me when to step away from the cake and rest! If you make cakes, you’ll know how easy it is to get carried away!

I saw another friend in a show last week too, and made him a cake too! But I’ll save that for next time 😊

Until then,

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤

Bake King YouTube

Products used in the making of this cake:

Renshaws coverpaste (I got mine from Party Animal Online)

Tesco red fondant

Tesco orange fondant

Tesco rice snaps cereal

Haribo marshmallows

Leaf plunger cutters

*Sugar and Crumbs raspberry ripple icing sugar

Silver Spoon icing sugar

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