Cakes, Bakes, and Me

Back in the room! (Sort of)

Hi! So, as you can see, I have been baking again 😊

This time for a friend’s birthday. A mix of chocolate, vanilla and raspberry cupcakes, and a small birthday cake.

Knowing I had committed to making them gave me the kick up the you know what that I needed to get out of the low mood I’d been experiencing! And he’s a very dear and supportive friend, so there was no way I was letting him down!

Going to his birthday party was the best thing I could have done too 😊 Cheered me up no end. He always does a brilliant quiz, there’s a good mix of people, and I even did a few karaoke songs!

Fast forwarding a week brings us to the run up to Father’s Day. This always brings mixed feelings, as my Dad is no longer with us, and his birthday fell on Father’s Day this year too. Enough years have passed that I can remember him with a smile, but I still miss him obviously. He was rather fond of a ‘JD’, and it’s become a family tradition to toast him in the appropriate manner as shown below:

It’s not my drink of choice to be honest, but it was his, and that’s the point!

Our daughter Katie couldn’t make it on Father’s Day, so invited us to Liverpool (where she lives…for now!) We got there on Friday, and she and her partner, Josh, made us a lovely meal, and we had a relaxing evening with them, although one member of the household was very frisky! I refer to Jeremy the leopard Gecko, who was being very cute and kept coming to the front of his vivarium and wanting to play out 😊 I couldn’t resist of course, and he was soon running up my arms, round my neck, everywhere….he’s very fast!

Anyway, we stayed overnight and got back home about 2pm, when I promptly fell asleep! One of the most frustrating consequences of my condition is that certain sets of circumstances totally exhaust me. Sitting in a chair with no neck support, staying up late then sleeping in a strange bed, that’s all it takes unfortunately. But it was worth it ❀

The following day (Father’s Day), we had Glen’s Dad round, along with his Mum, and mine, and later on our son James and daughter in law Abi joined us too. I’d taken one cake over to Liverpool, and made another for home. Neither were novelty themed Father’s Day cakes, but they were both delicious, as I was using up the last of my flavoured icing sugars from Sugar and Crumbs. They are so yummy πŸ˜‹

So, all in all, quite a busy few days. I’ve been very lazy today, or ‘resting’ as I call it!

Anyway, one last photo of Glen’s Dad in his new ‘specs’, and I think we’re done for this post!

Cheers! And belated Father’s Day wishes to all the ‘Daddies’ out there!

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❀

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