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Amazing weekend with family… giveaways from a fave YouTube channel!

Hi everyone

My daughter and her partner were over from Romania for a few days recently. We hadn’t seen them since they left on August 1st last year (brilliant as it is, I don’t count FaceTime, you can’t have a hug on FaceTime!)

Anyway, a family get together was definitely in order. We had a lovely afternoon with good food, games and quizzes, and the following day we had a proper chance to catch up. There’s a rather embarrassing but funny story regarding the food actually. I had decided to do pulled pork, hot chicken and plenty of bread rolls for the main part of the buffet, with a vegetable chilli, and then some bite size premade snacks, salads dips etc. Well it didn’t go quite as planned shall we say! I was up bright and early to make the rub for the pork and get it in the slow cooker. It was only when I went to serve it that I noticed I’d had the slow cooker on the keep warm setting 🙁🤭

Luckily, we had plenty of food to go round, and as a bonus, I’d inadvertently prepared the following days meal! I use a recipe from ‘Chowhound‘, and I highly recommend it. Even the non pork lovers in the family love it!

So, that was Sunday and Monday, and Tuesday was set aside for me to rest up. It was while I was watching the weekly ‘How to Cake It’ tutorial that Yolanda Gampp announced a big giveaway. The channel is almost at 4 million subscribers, and when they hit it, the giveaway will be triggered. You can get your entries in early though, by following the link below. They’re giving away some brilliant prizes, so why not take a look? While you’re there, hit the subscribe button, who knows, it might be you who is the 4 millionth subscriber!

Good luck!

See you next time

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤️

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