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What does chronic illness mean?

The truth is, it means something different to each person who suffers from it.

The following articles from ‘The Mighty’ include descriptions from individuals suffering from different causes of chronic pain. Some I recognise as I experience them too.

I hope it may help promote understanding of how someone with chronic pain feels on a day to day basis. We may plaster on a smile and use humour as a coping mechanism, but that doesn’t alter the fact that we are experiencing some level of pain every single day. What is bearable to one person is excruciating to another. One day is never the same as another. It’s complicated and messy. A flare up can happen at any time. Recovering from activities you once thought of as routine can take days.

This is my condition

Please read on to find out more:

And if you have faith, this may help you get through today 😊

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤️

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