Cakes, Bakes, and Me

The World Premiere of……….

Hey there,

As some of you know, I am Chair of the best amateur Panto Society in the world, Greenbrook Methodist Church Pantomime Society. Last weekend, we had our annual dvd night of our January production, in this case ‘Snow White and the Mini Ones’

It’s a great social event where the cast get back together to watch themselves on the big screen. Because, if you think about it, we are the only ones who haven’t seen the whole thing all the way through! Our families and friends have all seen it, and they can tell us what they thought, but it doesn’t beat seeing it for yourself.

Our cameraman Graham, takes multiple recordings from all different perspectives, and then he and Edward, our director, get together and edit all the best bits together to produce a dvd. We organise some food for the interval, and it’s just a great evening 😀

We also got the chance to present our Costume lady, Sandra, with her lifetime achievement award, as she hadn’t been at the Awards Evening. Sandra has been costume lady for the Panto society, and Greenbrook’s Theatre Group, for many many years, and she does an absolutely fantastic job every single time.

On a personal note, in her professional life, she was a pharmacist, and one of the first I ever worked with when I started training as a technician at sweet 16! Years later, she was the reason I started doing amateur dramatics and then Panto, so it’s all her fault! Seriously though, she was the best role model I could have had, and her suggestion that I join the ‘Operatics’ as it was then referred to, really filled a gap in my life when my brother moved from the UK to Spain. My brother was a singer you see, and I used to sing with him at some of his gigs. When he left, I lost my performance ‘outlet’, so joining the Society was perfect. I’ll always be grateful for that, and for her mentoring during my training as a Pharmacy Technician 😀

Back to dvd night, and traditionally, this is when we reveal the next production, but as the Awards Evening preceded it this year, we already knew. So instead of making a cake themed around Snow White, I decided to get everyone in the mood for ‘Treasure Island, a Musical Panto’ instead. I made a vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream (you cant go wrong with this when you’re feeding a crowd) and decorated it to look like……well, a Treasure Island!

I got the chance to use the shell moulds I bought ages ago, added a little boat, palm tree, and a treasure chest, and some blue buttercream waves completed the look 😀

The cast workshops start next month, so it’s going to be very exciting very soon!

I also have a few cakes to make over the next month or so, including the one I’m going to document as a tutorial, so keep an eye out for that.

Until next time

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤️

Used in this cake:

Renshaw premium coverpaste

Renshaw Belgian white chocolate fondant

Renshaw chocolate flavour fondant

Renshaw Lincoln green fondant

Rainbow dust food art double ended black edible ink pen

All above items from Party Animal Online

Wilton ivory gel colour, Wilton blue gel colour,

Tesco edible gold ‘coins’ sprinkles

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