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Too hot to bake?


Here in the UK, we’re a bit unfamiliar with the concept of ‘Summer’. Oh, we know it’s a season that follows spring and precedes autumn, but more often than not the lines between are somewhat ‘blurry’. But not at the moment. At the moment it’s 32 Celsius 🌞 and because we’re not used to it, we’re not very well prepared. Trains have been cancelled because the overhead lines are overheating for goodness sake πŸ₯΅

For me, it’s both a bonus and a burden. Because I have nerve damage from my spinal cord injury, my skin is hypersensitive. This means that any extremes in temperature cause pain. So although I love the sunshine, I don’t cope well unless I can cool down.

Hence my hubby buying an inflatable paddling pool and blowing it up in the back garden this afternoon bless him. It’s funny but if I can keep my feet cool it helps the rest of me feel cool too!

Anyway, I haven’t felt like being in a warm kitchen this week, so no baking! Fortunately I haven’t had anyone to bake for, so I could allow myself a break πŸ˜€

This Sunday though, I am making a cake for a baby shower, which I will be starting tomorrow (thankfully, it is forecast to be a bit cooler πŸ™ ) and I have a portable electric fan I can take into the kitchen just in case too…..I just had an image pop into my head involving a fan, flour and icing sugar πŸ˜‚ …..better be careful where I situate it!

So, seeing as I haven’t any cake to show you for a few days, I’ve spent some of my spare time putting together a couple of ‘movies’ to showcase some of my past cakey creations.

Hope you like them 😍 I’ll be back in a few days with a ‘real’ cake 🍰

Until then,

Stay safe and healthy (especially in the sun!)

Debbie ❀️

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