Baking for Therapy

A change from blue……


So I finally got to make a baby cake in pink! This one was for my friend’s daughter’s baby shower last weekend.

Although it’s a different design, the elephant theme continued, but ‘she’ at least had a pretty pink bow.

I got to try out a new recipe too. Chocolate and cherry cake. I used fresh sweet cherries and adjusted my chocolate cake recipe to allow for the extra moisture. I also made a cherry jam using this recipe. It was yummy, but wasn’t the best for a layer cake, (it was a bit crumbly!) but I made it work by slathering it liberally with ganache. Once that had set I had a nice base for the sugarpaste.

Two tier baby shower cake
Elephant cake topper

After that I marbled grey and white for the bottom tier and made pink ruffles for the top tier. One cute baby elephant later….et viola 😀

I used ‘The Sugarpaste’ recommended by Rachel’s Enchanting Cakes after I couldn’t get my usual Renshaw’s Extra. It’s a similar quality and covered the cake really well, despite it being a really hot day! I got ‘The Sugarpaste’ from The Cake Decorating Company, and I get the ‘Renshaw Extra White’ from Sugar and Crumbs, which is where I now buy all my supplies (except when they were temporarily out of stock!) I’ve noticed that they are also stocking a new brand of sugarpaste ‘Select Ireland’ which looks like it works in a similar way, so I’ll definitely be giving that a try when I need to restock 😀

While I’m mentioning it, I’d like to chuck my twopennorth in and highly recommend Sugar and Crumbs as a stockist of all things cake.

It’s not just that they have a fantastic range of products, it’s the personal touch they bring to their customer service which is second to none. They also have a really friendly Facebook Group where bakers of all abilities can share their cakes, and pick up hints and tips, and they regularly do ‘Facebook lives’ with guest tutors doing tutorials in real time, and it’s all free! Why not give them a try?

Well, that’s it from me

Stay safe and healthy,

Debbie ❤️

Disclaimer: I have not been asked to promote Sugar and Crumbs. All opinions are my own, and based on personal experience with the company 😀

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