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Indigestion my arse! (Part 2)

Hi everyone, before any panic sets in, this is not about my brother who had a heart attack last month! He is still recovering, but doing well 😀

No, the latest instalment started in the same way…a telephone call…but from my son. Tuesday morning on the 10th September quite early, he called for some advice. Bear in mind that he never takes time off work, so it was very unusual. Anyway, he was suffering from stomach pain, which he had assumed was indigestion, but it wasn’t going away. After asking him what sort of pain, where it was etc, I thought it could be appendicitis, but he had no fever or nausea. He wasn’t eating though, said he didn’t have an appetite. Anyone who knows my son, knows that is a big deal! The boy likes his food!

I told him to call 111 (urgent care, not emergency) for more advice and they told him to call his GP. He was triaged over the phone by the practice nurse, who told him to call again if it hadn’t gone away or got worse in a couple of days.

So on Thursday 12th (my Mum’s birthday) he got an appointment with the GP at 9.30am. After a physical examination, appendicitis was diagnosed, and an ambulance duly took him into hospital, where the offending article was removed later that day. If you’ve read my post re my brother, you’ll notice that his heart attack took place on my daughter’s birthday! There’s a rather troubling theme emerging!

He had a laparoscopic procedure, and out of one incision was a drain with a bag attached, but where the drain emerged, he was bleeding profusely 😲 By the time we visited in the evening, he’d had three gown and bed linen changes! Two days later they restitched it and put him on coagulants. Luckily that worked, or he was due for another surgery to see if they’d nicked a blood vessel!

So, it’s been a rather fraught few weeks as you can imagine. We’ve got another family birthday coming up next week, so if anybody mentions indigestion!……..

On to more pleasant subjects, Panto rehearsals have started 😀 We’ve had the Principal read through and rehearsal, and the children have had their registration evening and rehearsal, so it’s full steam ahead for ‘Treasure Island – A Modern Panto’, written by our director Edward Munday. Very exciting!

In amongst all this, I held My Macmillan Coffee Morning at home last weekend. I was worried that I wouldn’t raise much this year as Macmillan Coffee Mornings have become so popular that a lot of my friends and acquaintances hold their own events. However, my amazing family, friends and neighbours helped me raise a fantastic £180, which I’m really pleased with 😀

My Mum made a chocolate orange cake and fruit scones to complete our offerings and we got it just right. Not too many leftovers, and they went to Panto rehearsal with me 😋

Well, that’s it from me for now, check out the links below. One is for a fantastic giveaway from ‘Mancake’ which is well worth a look!

The 2nd one is an adorable tutorial from ‘Thalia’s Cakes’ celebrating the arrival of autumn 🍂 (or ‘fall’ in other parts of the world) with a cute Pumpkin cake.

The third one is a ‘Lazy Unicorn Cake’ tutorial from ‘Rachel’s Enchanting Cakes’ using Molly Robbins Creature Creator mould. Ingenious 😀 The link above will take you to Sugar and Crumbs website, but you can also get it direct from Molly here.

See you next time

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤️

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