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Who wants to see a very girly birthday cake?

Hi everyone

I recently bought Molly Robbins Creature Creator moulds from Sugar and Crumbs after watching her demonstrate them at one of their Social Mornings.

The first thing I did when I got home, and I mean literally the same afternoon 😂 was make a unicorn with the laying down style mould. One of my sons work colleagues saw a picture of it and asked me to make one for her granddaughters 3rd birthday. The original one I made was white….

But apparently little Reys favourite colours are pastel pink and lilac, so this time I changed it up a bit 🦄 She also wanted chocolate cake (see recipe page)

After baking, I made up some milk chocolate ganache and gave the cake a couple of coats which gave me a lovely firm base for the sugarpaste. I coloured some white ‘The Sugarpaste’ with Wilton pink gel colour for the main body of the cake, and then did the same in smaller amounts with Wilton lemon yellow, purple, blue and leaf green from a set of 8 that I’ve had for a while, but it’s still available from Sugar and Crumbs. I’ve linked it at the end of the post.

I took some of the lemon yellow and added tylose to it to make the horn. Tylose makes the sugarpaste harden like gum paste. I tried making a paint with Sugarflair gold lustre dust and vodka, but it wasn’t going on very well. It kept streaking, so I left it to dry then dry dusted it instead, which worked much better 😀

I shaped the legs as per Molly’s instruction leaflet, but instead of adding the snout after covering the cake, I put it on underneath, attaching it with cocktail sticks and edible glue and leaving it to dry for a while before covering with the pastel pink.

After that, it was playtime! I tried a different ‘hairstyle’ this time around. Added some ears and the horn,

Pastel marbled sugarpaste on the cake drum, and the horn pre lustre!

and then it was time to play with my new Sweet Stamps set!

I’d marbled some of the pastel colours together to cover the cake drum, which I was really pleased with, it looked so pretty 😍 Then I impressed ‘Happy Birthday Rey’ with my Sweet stamps, and painted inside the impressions with gold. I’m so impressed (pun intended) with this set. I don’t have a steady hand due to my nerve damage, so having those beautiful guidelines was perfect. Mine is the ‘Vanilla’ set but they do quite a few different ones and they all look gorgeous ❤️

After adding a pink ribbon to the drum, I gave everything a quick spritz with PME pearl lustre spray, which finished it off with a beautiful sheen.

And here she is!

Little Rey absolutely loved it, and feedback on the cake itself was that it was delicious 😋

I’m so pleased that I got to make another Unicorn, and can’t wait to see Molly’s new ideas for the moulds at November’s Sugar and Crumbs Social Morning. Christmas themed so should be amazing 🎅🏼

Next time, something completely different!

Until then

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤️

See the amazing range of products from Sugar and Crumbs here including the Wilton gel colours set

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