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DJ Marshmello is in da house!


Before I start, I have a confession to make. I had no clue who DJ Marshmello was until I got this cake request! Up to a few months ago when ‘Fortnite’ cake tutorials appeared on YouTube, I’d never heard of that either!

My first ‘Fortnite’ cake was inspired by a tutorial by Sweetie Darling, a lovely lady I follow on YouTube and Instagram.

My first Fortnite Cake

Sweetie Darling’s tutorial

So when I was asked to make a feature of DJ Marshmello, I turned to Google images, found one I thought I could replicate easily and set to work!

I panelled the side of the cake in white sugarpaste, leaving the top roughly frosted with green buttercream to represent a grass effect. I then rolled out another piece of white sugarpaste with a little added tylose, and left it uncovered whilst I traced the image onto baking parchment. I cut that out and rubbed a bit of Trex (shortening) on it before placing it on the sugarpaste. I went over the details with the pointy end of a Dresden tool, to give me some guidelines, and then cut round the outline with a scalpel. I then rolled out some black sugarpaste, cut out the eye and mouth shapes from my image, and used those on the black sugarpaste. The other details and the outline, I did with an edible food marker. It was then easy enough to apply the whole thing to the cake 😀

I really struggled with the loot llama. I don’t know if my tylose has gone off (can it do that?) but it didn’t seem to be hardening at all! And the colours seem a bit ‘wishy washy’ on the photo, although they did look a bit brighter in real life. All in all, I prefer the llama I made in the first version, but the birthday boy loved it, and that’s all that matters! I also made some bandages and a treasure chest to keep the llama company, and I thought the bottom of the cake looked a bit bare so I used some green sugarpaste rolled quite thinly, to make a long grass effect border.

The cake itself was chocolate fudge, filled with a fudgy frosting, and crumb coated with milk chocolate ganache. You can find the recipes on the recipe page, if you want to try them 😋

So, here’s the final result!

Top details
DJ Marshmello up close and personal!
Lettering by Sweet Stamps and Sugarflair Gold lustre mixed with rejuvenating fluid

After I’d taken these photos, I decided that I didn’t like the positioning of the Fortnite logo ( I had thought the jaunty angle was a good idea) and moved it so that it was more central. I also noticed that there was some cornflour ‘dust’ on the board…Doh! So I brushed that off too. Unfortunately, by that time it was evening so the photo has shadows. Nevertheless, here it is. The birthday boy’s Mum sent me a photo the following day when he saw it, and gave me permission to include it in my post 😀

NB: I went over the lettering again before the cake was collected too!

The birthday boy! His friend in the red t shirt looks pretty impressed too 😂

Well, that’s it from me for now

Until next time

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤️

Products used in the making of this cake:

The Sugarpaste

Wilton gel colours – leaf green, violet, royal blue

Renshaw’s Belgian chocolate modelling paste

Renshaw’s coloured sugarpaste red, black

Sugarflair lustre dusts – Silver, Gold

Colour splash edible marker black

Sweet Stamps Sweet Stamps lettering, vanilla set

turntableAluminium turntable 12”diameter