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Who wants to see a Dirt Bike Cake?

Hello again

This time, I’ve been baking for a friend’s grandson, who absolutely loves dirt bikes! And chocolate cake 😋

Happily, the bike ‘topper’ was provided, saving me trying to make it out of modelling paste!

The topper in its biscuit crumb ‘dirt’

The cake is four delicious layers of my go to chocolate cake recipe, sandwiched together with an easy chocolate fudge frosting. The whole thing was then crumb coated and final coated with ganache to give a firm base for the sugarpaste.

The board was covered in Renshaw’s Premium Coverpaste White, which I coloured with Wilton leaf green gel colour. It was then imprinted using Sweet Stamps ‘Vanilla’ letter set. Instead of painting the letters, I decided to try airbrushing them to see if it made the message stand out. It worked pretty well, but I think I could have been a bit more heavy handed with it! I still get a bit scared I’ll overdo it…more practice needed 😂

I find it hard to get a good orange colour by adding colour gel, so I used a ready made one from Renshaw for the logo. The badges and logo were cut out by hand, and a ganached top and drip added to the muddy effect I wanted. Whilst the ganache was still wet I added some crushed up chocolate biscuit to the top to represent soil. A simple green buttercream border covered where the cake met the board 😀

And there it is guys! My first ever ‘Dirt Bike Cake’

Many thanks to my friend Susan Tighe for asking me to make this, I had a lot of fun!

As always, until next time,

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤️

Products used in the making of this cake: Note, some links may be affiliate links, which means I may get a small commission if you buy via that link

12” Round Cake Drum

Renshaw’s Premium Coverpaste White

Sweet Stamps ‘Vanilla’ letter set

Wilton gel colours

Renshaw Tiger Orange sugarpaste

Cassie Brown Airbrush Kit

Sugarflair Dark green airbrush colour

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