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Class of ‘79’ School Reunion

It all started when a couple of old school friends came to my Breast Cancer fundraiser (bake sale naturally!)

We were chatting away and decided it might be nice to have a reunion as it was 40 years since we sat our what were then ‘O levels‘

So I said I’d put out some feelers and see if anyone was interested. I was absolutely amazed and delighted with the response! And so the planning began, I booked a small private function room at a local venue, and in February this year, around 40 of us met up!

We were missing a few people because the weekend we chose just happened to be when ‘Storm Dennis’ struck, and a couple of ladies were ill, but it was a brilliant evening chatting, laughing and catching up with everyone. Speaking of laughing, this is my old class photo from the year I left aged 16!

I’m on the middle row with the long dark hair

We enjoyed it so much, we decided to do it again in 3 years, which is when we all turn 60! Oh my word! Where did all the time go?

Me in the middle with two of my friends, Marcia and Tracy

In the above photo, I’m with Marcia, who was my partner in crime at the back of the class! And Tracy who I’ve known since primary school! In fact there were quite a few there that I’ve known since primary school! Maybe that can be my next project 😂

As you can see, a great time was had by all…and I don’t think we look 56/7 do we? Anyway, I know what you’re all thinking 🤔 This is Baking For Therapy…where’s the cake? Truth is, organising this event was amazing therapy for me, and the feedback from everyone who attended has been wonderful. And those of us who still live locally are going to meet up for regular catch ups which is fantastic 😀

Oh…..ok then…’s the cake 🎂

Lemon Sponge ‘Semi-Naked’ cake with buttercream and sprinkles

Until next time

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤️

Products used:

Sugar and Crumbs lemon drizzle flavour icing sugar and prosecco flavoured icing sugar

Coloursplash jade gel food colour

Dr Oetker ‘Glamour and Sparkle’ sprinkles

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