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Jungle themed 1st Birthday Cake!

Hi everyone,

A year ago, I was honoured to make a welcome cake for baby Ralph who surprised his parents by arriving early! (See below)

So I was delighted to be asked to make his first birthday cake too. It was a large 12” round sponge cake, (see Vanilla Cake recipe) but the fun part was the jungle theme, which meant I could play with sugar figures!

Unfortunately, all the natural light had gone by the time I got round to taking photos, so apologies for the poor quality. Anyway the idea was to have the animals having a picnic party. Ralph’s mum Amy had requested a monkey holding a banana, and I added the elephant and the giraffe. They are sitting on a blue blanket with a cake, in the shade of a palm tree. I added some colourful bunting round the sides to add to the party vibe, and a polka dot ribbon finished it off.

Here’s the feedback I received from Amy:

Hi Debbie, I’ve just sat down, what a day. Absolutely brilliant cake so many people have loved it there’s hardly any left!!! Thank you so much xx

She also sent me some photos:

Until next time

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤️

From Sugar and Crumbs:

Select Ireland Silk Edition white sugarpaste

Renshaw pre coloured sugarpaste red and orange

Renshaw chocolate flavour sugarpaste

Wilton gel food colours blue, leaf green and lemon yellow (from a set of 8)

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