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Puppies! Cake! What’s not to like?

Hi everyone

As you know I’ve been keeping myself sane during the restrictions imposed by the a Coronavirus pandemic by taking lots of online cake ‘classes’

These have been offered by Sugar and Crumbs at really affordable prices, and have been very well received by everyone who has participated.

Carol McFarland, the owner of the company has 3 of her own classes, the Cupcake bouquet class, Nifty Nozzles (Russian piping tips) and the Buttercream flowers class, and there is a whole host of guest tutors including Molly Robbins, Georgie Godbold, Claire Corbett, Hector Rocha, Gerry Chiu, Hannah the Cake Illusionist, and Do Griffin!

I haven’t been able to join them all, but I’m in quite a few! In this post, I’d like to show you what I made in the second of Molly Robbins classes. (The first was the show stopping Fast food cake)

In this class, Molly showed us how to make pupcakes 🐶 and oh my word, they were soooo cute!

3 of the 12 different ‘pups’ Molly demonstrated

I was amazed at how quickly they came together, aren’t they adorable? We used Renshaw premium Coverpaste in white, Renshaw precoloured ready to roll sugarpastes, and some Coloursplash gel colours to create the puppers. Like real dogs, they came in all shades of fur!

We started at 10am and did everything in real time, following Molly’s excellent tutoring. Unfortunately, I had a doctors appointment right in the middle of the day, so missed some of it, but when I got back I watched the rest and joined in with the comments and banter! Oh the banter! We have such a giggle in all the groups, and I’ve ‘met’ so many new friends 😀

When you sign up, you’re given access to a private Facebook group where the live sessions are aired, and you can chat with your fellow ‘students’. If you miss any classes for any reason, as I did with my appointment, the class is always there for you to rewatch at your leisure.

This is great for me, as I usually manage to do half the session then watch the rest and finish the next day, or even over 2 days! My body dictates how much I do at any one time nowadays, but this way I don’t feel like I’m missing out!

The whole range of pupcakes!
My ‘Mongrel’ 😆

In Molly’s next class we will be making a standing dog 🐕 This was chosen by a group vote…very democratic…..and we will be using Molly’s Creature Creator mould which she devised to help bakers make novelty cakes with no carving or wasted cake. I’ve used it before and it’s brilliant. I also managed to attend a real class with Molly in the Sugar and Crumbs kitchen just before lockdown, so I feel like I have a bit of a head start 😀 I’m going to try and recreate my own dog this time though….eeeek!

My handsome boy, Charlie ❤️
Molly’s Creature Creator moulds
The result of my previous class!

Well, I’m off now to do some baking in readiness for next week when I have 3 classes!

Until next time,

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤️

Cakes, Bakes, and Me, Health, Pantomime, Pets

Did you miss me?

It’s been a strange few days, starting with Saturday. I went to panto society for an hour or so to make tea for our set construction team, and took them cake of course (lemon drizzle, since you ask) I baked again on Saturday (but forgot to take pictures of a pretty yummy chocolate orange cake) then later on I started to feel feverish and just really tired. We were supposed to be going to a beach themed birthday party, but I could barely stay awake (sorry Kirsty) Sunday I pretty much slept all day, and was convinced I was coming down with something, but yesterday (Monday) I felt ok, so no idea what was going on there! Panto rehearsal was fun, but then my poor little dog/baby Charlie was sick and kept us awake most of the night! Trip to the vets ensued 😩 (He’s ok now 🐕)

Anyway, my poor body ⏰ doesn’t know night from day at the moment, and I need a clear head for an appointment with my neurosurgeon tomorrow to discuss the possibility of more surgery. As you can imagine, cakes and baking have not been foremost in my mind! Although I did whip up a quick batch of scones yesterday. Well, my Mum did bring us some clotted cream back from a visit to my brother in Devon. I had no choice right? Clotted cream = Scones + Jam! 😊😋😘

So I’ll try and get back on track soon, I promise. Meanwhile, wish me luck at the hospital tomorrow,

Stay safe and healthy,

Debbie 💜