250g softened unsalted butter

500g sifted icing sugar

Vanilla extract 5ml

For chocolate buttercream, add 35g sifted cocoa powder or substitute the plain icing sugar for Sugar and Crumbs Chocolate Milkshake icing sugar


Beat the softened butter using the paddle attachment in your stand mixer until pale and very creamy…at least 5 minutes!

Add half the icing sugar and vanilla and ‘chop in’ to the butter. It will look clumpy, but trust me on this! Repeat with remaining icing sugar before mixing for no more than 30 seconds. This avoids getting lots of air bubbles in your buttercream. On cold days, you may need to add more liquid to get the consistency you need. I recommend adding boiled water by the tablespoon, briefly mixing between additions to check the consistency.

Tip: Substitute plain icing sugar for a Sugar and Crumbs flavoured one to compliment your cake. You should omit the vanilla extract if doing this.