Cakes, Bakes, and Me

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, and a healthy and happy new year to you all. I’ve kind of been resting between Christmas and New Year (I needed it!) But that’s not to say the little grey cells have been idle, oh no indeed! Panto is coming up this week….First night on Thursday….Eek! So dress rehearsal tomorrow and Wednesday. Going for a New Year’s day meal (today) at my son James and lovely daughter in law Abi’s house, and I’m providing a dessert. Now, the hubby and I are partial to a certain dessert from M&S food, so I decided to have a go at recreating it! It’s basically millionaires Shortbread in dessert form, so  this is what I did yesterday:

Made shortbread but stopped the process before it reached the ‘doughy’ stage, and just pressed it into the bottom of a lined loose based 8″ cake tin. I then baked it for 15-20 minutes.

Once cool I spread the contents of a tin of Carnation Caramel on top, reserving 2 tblsp for later.

Then I made a simple ganache with 300ml of double cream, 200g dark chocolate, and 100g milk chocolate, and poured that over the caramel.

Today, it’s set nicely, so before we set off for our meal, I’m going to whip up some double cream with the reserved caramel and spread (or pipe) that on too too! Mmmm decadent much 😋

Millionaire’s dessert, before the caramel cream is added

I also have an order for a ‘Harry Potter’ themed cake to be ready for Thursday. I’ve decided to use a Madeira for the base, and last time I made one, it was a bit too dense, so I’ve tried a different recipe, and will be taking that with me today so the family can ‘test’ it for me lol 😝 It definitely ‘feels’ lighter to me, so I’m hopeful 🎂

I used an app to try and create a visual based on the customer’s request, marauders map, footprints, quote, Harry’s spectacles, golden snitch and scarf (see pic below) While searching YouTube for ideas (surprisingly few) I found a lot of fondant sorting hats, so I might add that too. Look out for pics of the finished item on Thursday!

Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤



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