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Happy Birthday to me!

My mummy made me a birthday cake!

Yummy chocolate orange sponge, fresh cream filled, and ganache frosting with edible flowers
Blowing out my candles

I have to admit, I was slightly confused as to who was making me a cake this year. Hubby had asked if he needed to buy one, and as my daughter in law made it last year, I asked my son if Abi was doing the honours again….to which he replied ‘Dad doesn’t need to buy one’. With hindsight, he didn’t actually say Abi was making it…..but that was the assumption I made 😉

My birthday also fell on Mother’s Day (UK), so I had also made a simple buttercream watercolour effect cake…

Top view

Vanilla sponge with raspberry buttercream and watercolour effect decorations

So when my Mum turned up at my house to help me prepare the buffet, and brought 2 layers of chocolate orange cake with her ‘to finish off’, I was thinking ‘Oh no, we’re going to have 3 cakes!’ And said so…to Mum! I nearly suggested that she freeze it for a future birthday as we have lots at this time of the year, but instead I decided to ditch my plans to make a strawberry cheesecake instead. More than enough dessert with 3 cakes on the table right? Well…..almost. Unbeknownst to me, Mum and Abi had sorted out who was making the cake earlier in the week 🤫😂🤫

What made it even funnier was that I had to teach Mum how to make ganache so that she could cover the cake, and before that, when she was using my hand mixer to whip the cream, she accidentally pressed the ‘boost’ button instead of the one that ejects the beaters, and we ended up with cream all over the walls! All this whilst not knowing that she was actually working on my birthday cake!

I have to say though, the finished result was absolutely yummy. And it was the first time she’d ever covered a cake! Or made ganache (albeit with *cough* ‘expert’ instructions 😂)

We had decided to celebrate on the Saturday (my birthday was actually Sunday) and we had a lovely evening, just a few family members, a FaceTime call with my daughter in Romania, a couple of games…..lovely 🎉💕🎉

The following day was spent resting up in my jim jams, having a longer conversation with Katie and Josh via FaceTime, and sharing the leftovers from the buffet with James and Abi…..oh! and opening my pressies of course 😀❤️

I’m also trying not to focus on the fact that I’m now nearer 60 than 50! It’s just a number after all 😂

Until next time

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤️

Products used in the ‘watercolour’ cake

Wilton gel colours

Silver Spoon Icing Sugar

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